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Pan Evolution Steel Orchestra - “Work” | Rihanna | BSO’s 2019 ‘Pan Is Sweet’

Brooklyn, New York, USA -  It’s Showtime! Pan Evolution Steel Orchestra performs a wicked Andre White -arrangement of “Work” by Rihanna - in concert at the Roulette Intermedium. Tuner: Augustus “Gusy” Peters.
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Web Posted - Monday November 30, 2020
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Frankie McIntosh named 2020 UWI Honorary Graduate – Doctor of Letters (DLitt)

Frankie McIntosh

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, W.I. - Franklyn “Frankie” McIntosh of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - for his work as a Musical Director/Composer - is one of fourteen to receive honorary doctorates (Doctor of Letters (DLitt), at The UWI’s 2020 Graduation ceremonies.  The graduands are being recognized for their outstanding contributions to regional & international development by The UWI.

....Serving as musical director and technical producer, McIntosh arranged for dozens of Straker’s calypsonians including Chalkdust (Dr. Hollis Liverpool), Shadow, Calypso Rose, Winston Soso, Poser, Scorcher, Singing Francine, Duke, King Wellington, young Machel Montano, Lord Shorty and others. His classic arrangements won the Trinidad and Tobago Calypso Monarch for Chalkdust in 1981 ‘Things that Worry Me’ and 1989 ‘Chauffer Wanted’. His work also won the Road March for Sparrow in 1984 ‘Doh Back Back’ and Duke in 1987 ‘Thunder.’
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Len “Boogsie” Sharpe of Trinidad and Tobago will receive an honorary degree for steelpan arrangement, composition, and performance – Doctor of Letters (DLitt)

Len “Boogsie” Sharpe

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Len “Boogsie” Sharpe of Trinidad and Tobago will receive an honorary degree for steelpan arrangement, composition, and performance – Doctor of Letters (DLitt)

The 2020 virtual and blended UWI graduation ceremonies to be held in January 2021, will be broadcast live via UWItv on www.uwitv.org, www.facebook.com/UWITV and Cable TV channels on the FLOW EVO network. The dates across the five campuses are as follows:

  • Five Islands Campus (Antigua & Barbuda) – Sunday, January 10, 2021
  • St. Augustine Campus (Trinidad & Tobago) – Monday, January 11 and Tuesday, January 12, 2021
  • Open Campus – Wednesday, January 13, 2021
  • Mona Campus (Jamaica) – Thursday, January 14 and Friday, January 15, 2021
  • Cave Hill Campus (Barbados) – Saturday, January 16, 2021

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Web Posted - Sunday November 29, 2020
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Clive Bradley - Just Remember the Music

by Angela Howard

Global - "In Julius Caesar, Shakespeare wrote of the Roman warrior “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” So let it not be with Clive Bradley. I implore us all to remember the music that Bradley provided for us, the lion’s share of which was played on the pan.”  -- Angela Howard
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Web Posted - Saturday November 28, 2020
Antigua Observer

Moods of Pan cancelled for the first time in 22 years

Antigua & Barbuda, W.I. - The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the cancellation of the West Indies Oil Company (WIOC) Gemonites Moods of Pan steelband festival – a staple event which has been staged uninterrupted or 21 years.

The event would have had its 22nd hosting this November and would have likely featured regional and local acts, if not for the coronavirus. 

‘It was a hard decision to make,” captain Joseph Henry told Observer, as he explained the reason for the group’s decision.

“When the COVID situation happened at first, it was in March, so we didn’t really believe that it would go right down until November.

....Henry said they chose not to hold a virtual event because it would take away from the heart of the show.
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Web Posted - Thursday November 26, 2020
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WST Pan Radio Special -- Celebrating the music of Clive Bradley

Global -  15 years after the passing of Master Arranger Clive Bradley - his music is still mentoring, still inspiring, still educating and entertaining. And It indeed remains enrichment for the soul.

Listen to the music of the master Clive Bradley

Web Posted - Thursday November 26, 2020
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ARDDIN HERBERT remembers the late great Clive Bradley

Global - "He is unquestionably a giant, master, legendary, - what I will remember him most for is his good nature and jolly demeanor. He was so personable. In terms of his music - his harmonies, his creativity - no one is close to him. I don't think we will ever have the honor to have another Clive Bradley..." - Arddin Herbert
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PELHAM GODDARD remembers the late great Clive Bradley

Global - "I and Bradley - together years ago. Bradley introduced us to the whole studio scene in a way... This will be a great great loss to the whole pan scene... He was a genius." - Pelham Goddard
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Web Posted - Tuesday November 24, 2020
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Desperadoes Steel Orchestra - “Whap Cocoyea” | Clive Bradley - Arranger | (‘Tempo’ version - Video)

Desperadoes Steel Orchestra performing in their panyard

Laventille, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - The Hill is filled with anticipation as Desperadoes fans turn out in droves to their panyard before Panorama 2004 to listen to Clive Bradley's arrangement of “Whap Cocoyea.”
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Web Posted - Tuesday November 24, 2020
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Dr. Dawn Batson: remembers the late great Clive Bradley

Global - "Bradley was a giver; as a teacher, as a musician, as a creator. He helped us to understand a bit better this instrument of beauty, its capabilities and its potential. He brought us joy through his music and his personality. Clive Bradley, I’ll always remember. Thanks for the memories and the music".  -- Dawn K. Batson, Ph.D
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Clive Bradley & Pantonic Live! - The CD! - A Critical Review by Frankie McIntosh

Pantonic Steel Orchestra

Global - Rather abruptly, our Sociology professor asked for an example of a “synergistic collaboration”; silence pervaded the room; that was during my college freshman year. Today, without hesitation, I’d holler “the Pantonic Live CD!”. This musical masterpiece is a product of the joint efforts of: veteran arranger Clive Bradley; the Pantonic Steel Orchestra led by Keith Roberts; and Basement Recordings’ sound crew....  -- Frankie McIntosh

Revealing the Genius of Clive Bradley

He was simply one of the world's greatest steel orchestra music arrangers. Moreover, he is/was the one the titans of Pan bowed to. This was his stage, his arena, his moment. This was his time. Panorama was "Bradley Time." Master arranger Clive Bradley, more so than any other, shaped and elevated the music and theatre of the Panorama competition as we know it.

When Steel Talks revisits a musical examination of some of the Master's works by one of the most respected and gifted music talents out of the Caribbean. Frankie McIntosh, a maestro in his own right, provides an intellectual, as well as a critical perceptive and cultural analysis, of these selected Panorama music works from the arranger Clive Bradley.
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Web Posted - Monday November 23, 2020
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Remembering the legendary Clive Bradley

Global - Clive Bradley is one of the greatest musicians of his day. His music defines an era and a people. Moreover his genius continues to inspire, enchant and educate future musicians to achieve uncommon excellence.
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Web Posted - Saturday November 21, 2020
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WATCH -- NIU Steelband Fall 2020 Concert

NIU Steelband

DeKalb, Illinois, USA - This Sunday, November 22, NIU (Northern Illinois University) School of Music Steelpan Ensembles perform live online for their 2020 Fall concert.


Web Posted - Wednesday November 18, 2020
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Robert Greenidge remembers the late great Clive Bradley

Global - “Clive was - as we say - one of the greatest arrangers in pan. He was a mathematician - he was able to subtract and divide and add to the music, and do with the music whatever he think needed to be done; and he knew sometimes that silence was golden. We need to continue, and do the best we can to make him smile. We need to continue to create - and the bands, Desperadoes, then Pantonic, D’Radoes and Metro in New York - and all the other bands he arranged for. We must continue to celebrate his life and be joyful, and not be sad, because he would not have wanted us to do that...” - Robert Greenidge
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Web Posted - Monday November 16, 2020
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Dr. Robert Stephens remembers the late great Clive Bradley

Global - “He was the consummate musician, not only in his sense of craftsmanship - his ability to put sounds together in interesting ways.. - but conceptually in terms of what he thought about what he was doing - and how he intended to match it to the people that he was working with. Truly, truly, an extraordinary man in that regard. For me, I saw this as just an extraordinary opportunity to try to connect with someone who clearly is a giant at what he does... We use this word ‘genius’ all too frequently, and often it is mis-applied. But here is a person, who I think that the term is absolutely à propos... His music was just simply stunning...” - Dr. Robert Stephens
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Web Posted - Saturday November 14, 2020
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RAY HOLMAN remembers the late great Clive Bradley

Ray Holman

Global - "Clive was one of the greatest musicians ever produced by this country [Trinidad & Tobago]. He was a master of orchestration. He had a fine mind and was very witty. He was a fantastic musician. It is a terrific loss - there can only be one Bradley." - Ray Holman
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Web Posted - Friday November 13, 2020
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Dr. JIT SAMAROO remembers the late great Clive Bradley

Global - “A great musician. A great loss to the pan world for sure. There is only one Clive Bradley. There is no one who does a Panorama tune like Clive Bradley. He has his style which was very effective. He looked at a song and lyrics and used that. The guy is genius. He's a top-of-the-line musician.” –– JIT SAMAROO - legendary Panorama-winning arranger for Renegades
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Web Posted - Friday November 13, 2020
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PAT BISHOP remembers the late great Clive Bradley

Global - “In the midst of all the merrymaking that carnival is supposed to be; that handling of the minor key makes you remember those two masks... One mask is smiling and one mask is weeping. His minor always had this terrible, gut-wrenching quality about it. The tragic underside of the human condition. Nobody can do it like that - I don't know that anyone ever will... And it seemed to embody everything that I think Mr. Bradley was, that he knew life as - brilliant and he knew it as tragic. And his music said that, and in that way it became almost a mirror of Trinidad life...” –– Pat Bishop - noted World Steelband Music Festival winning arranger
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Web Posted - Thursday November 12, 2020
Trinidad & Tobago Guardian

Honorary doctorates for Boogsie, Keens-Douglas

Global - Acclaimed steelband arranger Len “Boogsie” Sharpe and dialect poet Paul Keens Douglas are among 14 people across the region who will receive honorary degrees from the University of the West Indies (The UWI) at its 2020 graduation ceremonies.

The ceremonies are scheduled to take place from January 11–16.

Sharpe is being awarded a Doctor of Letters (DLitt) for steelpan arrangement, composition, and performance and Keens-Douglas for his work in culture and the arts.

The UWI graduations will be in a mix of blended, virtual formats in celebration of graduating class of approximately 8500 students across the region.
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Web Posted - Wednesday November 11, 2020
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Clive Bradley - The Man and His Work

by Mrs. Merle Albino-de Coteau - WST Special

Global - “As I mentioned before many people are speaking only about his association with Despers, but according to my brother Aldwin Albino they are forgetting the higher level.

“Bradley was academically sound. So great was he that after being a student at the Gov't Training College and passing with distinction in his subjects he was recalled- this time as a lecturer in Mathematics. He also taught Math at the Catholic Women's Teachers College where I lectured in Music.”  -  Merle Albino-de Coteau
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Web Posted - Tuesday November 10, 2020
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Vietnam Follies

by Dalton Narine

Global - “Saigon almost kicked me out, just before a CIA officer in civvies arrived at the hotel in the nick of time. He shouted to three Vietnamese soldiers to drop their weapons. As hotel guards, they, along with the hotel, had pulled the old black market trick on me and, had the CIA officer not bellowed at them, my plan was way ahead of his.” -- Dalton Narine

In another When Steel Talks exclusive, the legendary award-winning journalist, film maker and panist Dalton Narine - presents a  riveting, gut wrenching and enthralling account of some of his personal experiences and memories as a Vietnam combat veteran.
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Web Posted - Sunday November 8, 2020
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Dr. Jan Bach - Composer of concerto for steelpan and orchestra - Obituary

Global - The first concerto ever written for steelpan and orchestra was written by Dr. Jan Bach.

Jan (Morris) Bach, 82, composer, educator, French Hornist, pianist, cartoonist, father, and grandfather. Born December 11, 1937, in Fairbury, Illinois, he died at his home in DeKalb, Illinois, on October 30, 2020.

....Jan studied at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, receiving the Doctor of Musical Arts in Composition in 1971. His composition teachers included Aaron Copland and Thea Musgrave. He was a fixture in Northern Illinois University’s School of Music. Originally hired to teach French Horn, he taught music theory and composition there from 1966 to 2004. Over this period, he received the Excellence in Teaching Award (1978) and a Presidential Research Professorship grant (1982), and was nominated six times for the national CASE Professor of the Year award. He also played French Horn with the DeKalb Municipal Band for three decades.
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Web Posted - Thursday November 5, 2020
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Tribute To Clive Bradley - The Man and His Work - Revisited

Tribute To Clive Bradley

Global - ....Von Martin has produced a very special tribute to Clive Bradley that, in addition to highlighting the master's musical brilliance, showcases his social awareness and consciousness, his genius, and his humanity. On behalf of the global steelband community When Steel Talks salutes Von Martin for this production and his availing of it for future generations of musicians to learn of the life and times of master musician and arranger Clive Bradley.
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Web Posted - Thursday November 5, 2020
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 Panist extraordinaire Mia Gormandy-Benjamin performs Jan Bach Steel Pan Concerto with the NIU Philharmonic

Northern Illinois University Panist Shines - Revisited

Mia Gormandy in Concert

DeKalb, Illinois, USA - Listen to and watch panist Mia Gormandy from Trinidad & Tobago as she performs the late Jan Bach's Steel Pan Concerto with the NIU Philharmonic, at the Concerto Competition Winners Concert.
Listen to and view performance  

Web Posted - Thursday November 5, 2020
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Clive Bradley - The Spirit of Panorama and More

Global - “...Bradley was a master musical painter. He didn't need a "pan tune", with the clichéd chord progressions and well-worn melodies, as a canvas. He created some of his most stirring works from material overlooked or discarded by others. He found beauty everywhere. His orchestral sensibilities were unparalleled, enabling him to produce symphonic colors that were beyond belief. Bradley left us an incredible body of work that will be enjoyed, studied, debated, criticized and cherished forever.” –– Garvin Blake

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Web Posted - Wednesday November 4, 2020
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Meet Alyssa Reynolds - Tuner and Panist

Wisconsin, USA - “...I wish I would have understood fuller it would be people’s unwillingness to accept that change is coming. As a woman I’ve had to fight a lot of misogyny and sexism throughout my entire musical career and that’s just to have a spot at the table. I know that I’ll have to fight a lot harder if I want to have any voice of consequence in the pan world.” –– Alyssa Reynolds

Tuner and panist Alyssa Reynolds shares her steelpan history as she talks about her passion for playing and tuning instruments of Pan in an exclusive interview with Ms. Aisha Joseph.
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Steelpan virtuoso panist Liam Teague plays Jan Bach’s Concerto with the Taiwan National Symphony

Jan Bach’s Concerto for Steelpan and Orchestra

Global - Listen to Steelpan virtuoso panist Liam Teague perform Jan Bach’s Concerto with the Taiwan National Symphony in November 2011.
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Web Posted - Thursday October 22, 2020
Antigua Observer

Steel pan orchestra to resume classes

Panache Steel Orchestra

Antigua & Barbuda, W.I. - After being forced to remain closed for months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Panache Pan Academy will be reopening its doors at the end of the month.

The pan academy, an initiative of Panache Steel Orchestra, was launched in 2011. Over the years, it has been instrumental in teaching well over 200 persons, of all ages, the fundamentals of music and steelpan playing.

Previously, classes of up to 28 students were held from September to June, but because of COVID-19, they will now be limited to a maximum of 10 per class in keeping with social distancing protocols.

“We are hoping to put on four classes with fewer people so that we can have the social distancing. We are hoping to have four facilitators, one for each of the classes,” explained Robin Margetson, one of the facilitators of the programme.
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2020 Trinidad and Tobago National Steelband Panorama Info - Complete

Global - PanOnTheNet/ WhenSteelTalks is Panorama Central! Complete information on the 2020 season of the Trinidad and Tobago National Panorama, and competitions:  Schedules, Orders of Appearance for preliminary, semi-final and final phases for large, medium and small conventional steel orchestras, and single pan bands; arrangers’ bios, bios of steel orchestras; full results, panyard addresses, history of previous Panoramas, and much more!
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Web Posted - February 2020
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Complete Summary of Results of all Conventional Steel Orchestras - 2020 Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama

Complete Summary of Results of all Conventional Steel Orchestras - Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama 2020

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - At a glance and on a single page, access the comprehensive summary of results for the Small, Medium and Large conventional steel orchestras that participated in their respective categories in the 2020 Panorama.

Follow the musical journey of respective bands through all three phases - compare side-by-side preliminaries, semi-finals and finals through data on band info, scores, tunes of choice and arrangers - on one page.
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